Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Electro cut therapy.

Ok, so diving for trash (scrap metal) earns you a couple dozen nicks and punctures in your hands.  I've got about 6 active ones on my right hand and 5 on my left.  These punctures ALWAYS get mildly infected--sometimes you have to open then up with clippers or needles. 
Then burning (torch cutting underwater, using 100% oxygen) uses a welding arc to get the flame started.  This sends you a light shock.  It's not like getting hit with 120volts, but it can be quite uncomfortable at times.  And sometimes it takes a few seconds to get the flame fired up.  
Now while the current is moving through ya, literally, I discovered (uncomfortably) that it moves easier through the path of less resistance--through every nick and puncture in your hands.  
Quite an odd sensation to feel about double or triple the shock effect coming out of your wound passages.  Makes sense though--electrically.

Note: Originally written 6-28-2011, postdated.

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